Super Shock and Liberty Pool Products

Our Sodium Hypochlorite is manufactured utilizing our state of the art GreenChlor green manufacturing facility that manufactures the Hypochlorite from salt and water as opposed to the more hazardous method of combining liquid Chlorine and Sodium Hydroxide. Utilization of our GreenChlor facility not only increases safety on site; but also removes from the rail in the northeastern United States over 100 railcars of hazardous materials each year, and in doing so eliminates the potential safety issues and pollution those railcars may create.

In addition to producing and selling bulk loads of Sodium Hypochlorite, Caustic Soda, and HCL, H. Krevit & Company also manufactures “Super Shock” Hypochlorite Cases, which are available in smaller quantities and are ideal for smaller scale users. Our “Super Shock” Hypochlorite 4 - gallons cases are erected from flats with jugs filled by a high speed inline and rotary filler that is supervised by at least four people to assure that each gallon is filled, capped and boxed correctly. Furthermore, each individual gallon and case exterior has a lot number affixed to it allowing any in field quality issues to be investigated properly. Our carefully designed heavy case boxes are printed with warnings to keep the container upright and are die cut with lift handles. We utilize the best heavy guage bottle, case and cap vendors to assure our packaging integrity and quality.

In all of its products and lines of business, H. Krevit & Company strives for excellence, and never hesitates to make the investments required to ensure the capability to manufacture products of the highest standards.