Our Fleet of Trucks in 1955

1919 was a year of great opportunity for someone with a dream and the determination to make it a reality. Allen Krevit, at age 19, had such a dream. He had heard of a Belgian company making liquid bleach, whereas existing bleach products had all been dry. Using a bath tub, in a small garage on Howard Avenue in New Haven, CT, Allen and his father experimented with the manufacture of Sodium Hypochlorite. They developed a liquid bleach with superior cleaning properties that minimized any offensive smell. In doing so, they became the first manufacturer of Sodium Hypochlorite bleach in the United States. It was an immediate success. In 1948 Allen’s son George joined the company, and afterwards, George’s daughter and her family joined the business. 5 generations of the Krevit family have worked at the company, along with many dedicated employees, many with over 30 years of service.

In 2016, the company entered a new phase in its development, as N.C. Murthy, a career entrepreneur and business operator, purchased the assets previously operated by H. Krevit & Company. New Haven Chlor-Alkali d/b/a H Krevit & Company was formed with exciting goals for growth and expansion, with new ownership committed to investing in the business to further realize its full potential. The mainstay of the company’s future is its newly constructed, state of the art Chlor-Alklai facility, which positions the company to be a mainstay in the production of bleach and other core products for generations to come. The new facility uses advanced technology to produce its products in an environmentally friendly manner, with salt and electricity being the key inputs. The company continues to manufacture Sodium Hypochlorite, and has diversified into the distribution of a growing line of chemical products. The company serves the needs of over a thousand companies including those in the metal finishing, swimming pool, and water treatment industries.